Go to POSTS in the Admin Menu.

To delete a post/news item, hover over the post title, then click on Trash below the title.

To EDIT a post/news item, click on the post title.

To ADD a new post, click on the ADD NEW button.


Click on the pink USE THE DEFAULT EDITOR button


Give the post a Title.

To enter the content of your post, Click on “Start writing…” under the title.


If you are cutting & pasting content from another source/document: when you paste the content do so by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+v. This will minimize the likelihood of transferring unwanted text formatting.

To add an image to the news item:

Go to the DOCUMENT menu on the right side of the screen and click on FEATURED IMAGE.

Click on “Set featured image” and choose the “Upload Files” tab. Upload and select your image.

Click on the blue PUBLISH or UPDATE button at the top right corner of the page, and confirm the PUBLISH if needed.

If you do not want to publish yet, you can save as a draft instead.