We can still help you!

Due to Covid-19  some of our B.E.A.R. Closets are operating on specific days and times using a call-ahead system, and some of our locations are closed until further notice. Families needing assistance must call ahead to the B.E.A.R. location of their choice. Our volunteers will be happy to assist you and set up a designated time for you to pick up your items without person-to-person contact.  We will continue to update this website as Covid-19 guidelines and B.E.A.R. Closet operations change.



Loving Hearts for Christ B.E.A.R. Closet Fundraiser & Virtual Auction

A variety of items and gift baskets will be up for auction and on September 18th free spaghetti take-out meals will be available. Funds will be used to purchase car seats and baby equipment to be given away to struggling families. For more details on how you can support us and pick up your free meal go to the event website.


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